Chemtrails The True About Global Warming

  Chemtrails The True About Global Warming

•To what extent is global warming real?
Why is it that in some places of the world it rains extremely, and others suffer an alarming drought?
What are the reasons of global warming?

Is the application of chemtrails to the atmosphere truly helping to block global warming?
Or is there perhaps a dark agenda… that’s selling us the idea of global warming to continue spreading chemtrails?


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The natural cycle of water, a solution to global warming

Global warming is really simple to understand yet it’s been sold to us as a problem to create a reaction, and then they show us the solution. (Problem, reaction and solution)
The reality is as simple and easy to understand as a kindergarten lesson, you probably remember when we were taught and did drawings in pre-school about “the water cycle.”

The sun warms the earth, such heat evaporates the water thus creating clouds – when a cold air stream arrives, the evaporated water condenses, which is when water falls as rain.
Let’s review for a second time the water cycle, a simple but important lesson to not let ourselves be manipulated by the mass media.

The sun radiates light, which is converted into heat by the atmosphere, the heat evaporates the water which condenses into rain by a cold air stream.

Through this wisely designed process, nature creates life in abundance, it’s worth mentioning that high mountains are a natural process to obtain this vital liquid, the water falls as snow or rain forming rivers and water streams, along the way water passes through rocks to mineralize itself, this way we’d supposedly obtain mineralized water, which is the type of water we’d drink to stay healthy but we all know that the rivers are polluted and instead of protecting these natural resources they’re even more contaminated. Since it’s not cost effective to protect these natural resources, large corporations are created to sell packaged water.

Sorry for digressing a bit but I’m trying to make people aware with easy to understand explanations, simplicity is a great tool when you don’t have or don’t want to waste resources

Humans we have a tendency to complicate everything, either to create certain status or so that not everyone can understand it easily.
The 4 elements of earth: fire, water, air and earth are formed to create life… A comprehensive balance makes possible the existence of life on the planet.
In each reaction there’s a solution, nature is wise and provides a solution to each problem
Problem ==> WARMING… Because of warming, we’re supposed to have a greater amount of evaporated water in the atmosphere, this water will be condensed by a stream of cold air, result rains, with these rains the earth gets cold. The balance of the 4 natural elements (earth, fire, water and air) allows the natural cycle and allows a stable climate on earth. A person with common sense could easily understand.

crossing the desert

In ancient times, merchant busloads crossing the desert used to cover themselves with thick clothes, we might think it was stupid and if we were to cross those deserts we’d do it in shorts and light shirts so the heat leaves our body … ERROR
Indeed, these people covered themselves with thick clothes so that their body sweated while protecting from sunlight, we know that sweat is water, that water was withheld to not lose fluids and cool their bodies, thus they didn’t lose large amounts of water, they were wisely repeating – at a smaller scale, the natural cycle of wise nature.

Is the application of chemtrails to the atmosphere the solution against global warming?

It has been repeated thousands of times, over and over again, that chemtrail and contrail are not the same
A plane’s contrail disappears in less than a minute.
But a chemtrail is a spread chemical contrail, which instead of disappearing tends to stay for hours and even expand. This is a verifiable, irrefutable fact, just watch the skies to notice.

These chemicals have been spread into the atmosphere in such a grotesque way that if you take the time to observe our sky, you can tell – even in cloudless days, how the deep blue color we used to see before is lost.

When you travel by plane, pay some attention to look out the window, you’ll notice some difference in the atmosphere near the ground, you’ll notice a whitened blue color – that’s the part where it has been spread, the top of our atmosphere still retains that deep blue color.

What occurs when these chemicals have been spread in the sky? If you look carefully, you’ll notice how instead of dying, they increase and cover large areas for hours, these chemtrails use moisture from the atmosphere to spread. I repeat, these chemtrails absorb moisture from the atmosphere to expand. That humidity is WATER, this process is disrupting the natural cycle of water.
Natural water is an inescapable element for life and conservation of the species in our home called earth.

will continue in the next chapter…

Support Global march Against Chemtrails and Geoengineering

March Against Chemtrail January 25 2014

March Against Chemtrail January 25 2014

  Support Global march Against Chemtrails and   Geoengineering


When: January 25 2014

Place: They are close place by your city check this map:

Please Join the march against chemtrails

Geoengeenering not cooled the planet.

• chemtrails accelerate global warming.

•chemtrails absorb moisture to create artificial clouds.

• chemtrails are blocking the rains in California.

•With the scattering of particles in the atmosphere have increased respiratory diseases, such as Asthma

•Recently has increased the birth of children with autism 1 in 6 children are born show symptoms of autism.
If you do nothing, nothing will change.

urgently require our governments to stop chemtrails.

if you’re not interested make it happen  for your children or grandchildren.

Be actively involved in the march against chemtrails Geoengeenering.We must organize peacefully. PEACEFULLY is the operative word. If these many-pronged aerosol attacks by military and commercial planes can spray these horrific toxins on us, year after year with impunity –against all laws– then it is absolutely imperative that we organize peacefully. We must use the Internet and our peaceful intellectual powers to come together and shut this nightmare down. It is possible to do this.” Yes it its. yes we can!!

Please look at the following video to awaken consciousness, and realize the serious problem


Is Typhoon Haiyan a Result of Geoengineering?

Is Typhoon Haiyan a Result of GeoengineeringIs Typhoon Haiyan a Result of Geoengineering

One of the most devastating, heart broking and the worst typhoon ever recorded in the Philippine history was Typhoon Haiyan, with a local typhoon name, Yolanda.
The Philippine President, Benigno Aquino Jr. made a state of the nation address in order to prepare the Filipino people in a life threatening typhoon, but that warning did not save everyone’s lives.

More than a ten thousand of people are dead, and the count is still getting higher. Many people lost their house, livelihood, business and other properties.
There was no communication satellite and there is a danger of widespread diseases due to the number of dead bodies around the whole region.

People were evacuated for the fear of flash flood and strong rain. They go to the evacuation center to find for refuge, but that did not save them… Many people died in the evacuation center because they were drowned not because they were hit by flying objects or falling debris.

The local government did not fully understood what is the real meaning of storm surge or it is true that they did not expect a great disaster like that because it was not at all natural, Was a manipulated weather event?

Everyone assumed that it is only a little bit stronger than the usual storm signal number three in the Philippines that’s why they only asked those people living within the coastal regions with houses built of lightweight materials to evacuate and move away from the ocean shores.

All of the people with houses built with strong materials were allowed to be inside their homes. Nobody knew that the disaster would result like that, nobody would ever imagine that a storm surge could result in a six meter high flash flood in just a matter of few hours which submerged the whole island.
The Philippine Islands surrounded by seas and oceans was very prone to different typhoons. In fact, before a year comes to an end, there are more than twenty typhoons already passed in the Philippines.

The typhoons are always named in Alphabetical order and if you have noticed the name given to storm surge, her name already begins with letter “Y,” which was Yolanda.

picture credit to website:

picture credit to website:

What could be the reason behind this disaster? Could it be an exceptional destructive result of geoengineering chem-trailing and Haarp? Could it be just one of the most devastating results of fertilizing the oceans Geoengineering chemtrail change the normal pattern of weather?

In places where there was a plenty of rain, now, they are experiencing drought. In hot and arid Arab countries like Saudi Arabia where they used to be a really hot desert, with a very small rainfall are now also experiencing unusual life threatening floods.

They never experience things like this before that’s why their countries are not protected from a possible modified weather attack in the future Typhoon Haiyan could also be the result of weather control or modification experiments patented in the United States where they deprived their rainfall while sending the heavy rainfall and typhoons in the east especially, the Philippines.

Unusual floods and typhoons happened in the Philippines where the west there was an unusual drought. Ever since they introduce the use of geoengineering to fertilize the ocean in the Philippines, Japan, New Zealand and Australia, there were too many catastrophic events that have taken place and the events are getting worse and “worser”.

You can see the geoengineering projects around the world map here  •Geoengineering chemtrailing• is a technique use by the elites to control the population and inflict damage to humankind?

In a book written by Zbigniew Brzezinski, Between Two Ages, which was written back in the 1970’s It was stated that there will be a technique to modify the weather, it can prolonged rain or provide stormy weather to attack and weaken its competitor Could it be the start of weather modification? Not just to prolong periods of storms but also to inflict surge storms which had never happened before? Is this one of the geoengineering experiments or testing to find if the results are already successful and can be used in the very near future or present?

credit to: website the

credit to: website the

Typhoon Haiyan continued it’s wreath to neighboring countries. It did not stop in the Philippines it doesn’t it weaken after the landfall and after passing through the several mountains like many other strong typhoons. Indeed they were very successful in their purpose. Weather modification? Human population control?

Written by: pinkcattleya

Chemtrails: The war over our skies

See the effect of chem-bombs

See the effect of chem-bombs

 Chemtrails: The war over our skies

The date was October 6th, 2013 and the venue was the Californian coast.
In the afternoon of that day, between 4:00 pm and 6 in the evening, a spraying chemtrail that leaves large chemical in its wake is observed.
Normal clouds formed naturally are quite differentI

Can recall back in the day when I was still childish, and I went out in the grass and lay down for countless hours just enjoying the spectacle of watching the clouds… There were big white clouds that appeared to take the shapes of animals such as dogs, bears and horses. I was able to use my own imagination. 

Unlike today’s children, won’t see clouds in their natural state, today the clouds that were formed from chem-bombs and chemtrails.

To me, I thought this was normal until such a time when I decided to check the difference in the internet. As I found out, there is a marked difference between chemtrails and contrails. However, in the Q&A sections which basically serve to answer people’s queries, I found that some people were still denying the existence of chemtrails. It would be safe to assume that these people who continuously deny the existence of these chemtrails have been paid to deny them.

Unfortunately for them, people have woken up, and know better in terms of the truth.

chemtrail-octuber-6-north-san-diegoAs I was saying, it was roughly 4.00 o’clock and the venue was Northern parts of San Diego. I spotted giant clouds forming.

They formed in a central place after which, in less than an hour, they had spread out and grown tremendously.
The fact that the cloud covered roughly 45% of San Diego sky was enough to alarm me that this was no ordinary cloud formation.

They are implementing a new way through which to spread chemtrails as well as chem.-bombs. Apart from just the Chem-bombs, this time round, the aircrafts also left in its wake chemical trails that showed both the northern and southern sections of the rainbow hues. “The color of the rainbow is because it has been mixed with a chemical called ethylene dibromide”This chemical, even in just trace quantities, can cause cancer.
This was approximately by 5 o’clock in the afternoon. After that, something very interesting happened, which I can just call war-like wings. At about, I made my way to 7 eleven so that I could buy myself a couple of soft drinks. Through the corner of my eye, I could see that a very white chemtrail was beginning to form in the southern part of the horizon. However, what struck me most was the fact that at this time, there was actually no air plane (see the photo below)

Chemtrail made by UFO

Chemtrail made by UFO

Using my camera’s zoom feature, I was able to take some photos, and to my utter consternation, I realized that the chemtrails actually formed from nothing. Also, like I said, there was no Airplane at that moment, although the chemtrails continued to form from southern part of horizon, continuing non-stop to the place where my view could reach the northern part of the horizon.

The observation of chemtrails revealed that it could not have been possibly formed by a airplane since Humans it didn’t have the technology that would allow it to spray over 100 miles without refilling.
That being said, it is only an alien technology that was capable of spreading chemicals of this magnitude without anyone noticing, given that there was no airplane in a 100-mile radius.
After 15 minutes had elapsed, and over Escondido city, not far from chemtrails left behind by the UFO…

I saw a real plane leave the chemtrail. I then made another discovery of, and this was a black chemtrail  spraying jus above imperial valley  California (check the photo).
However, this spreading of chemtrails has prevented chemtrail effects from being applied to the skies.
& this day 10-08-13 in the morning we have clean sky thanks to haven thanks to the force that are protect us.  Just for you information   next time that you ll’ See through chemtrail a“ rainbow”   it happens because it contains Dibromoethane if you can run away or use masks is very dangerous if you breathe.



While world leaders are engaged in a never-ending war in a bid to control the humanity by making us their slaves by using synthetic biology and Geo-engineering, there is evidence of a supernatural force  is keep on preventing the global ruling elite from completely controlling our world.
Author: Bernabe Arias •  Revised by: Michael Apel Jonathan


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The Evolution of chemtrails [THE CHEM-BOMBS]

The-evolution-of-chemtrails-the-chem-bombs The Evolution of Chemtrails Chem-bombs


A few decades ago, the upper atmosphere began to go awash with feathery plumes or trails that sought to replace the clouds in the sky with new bio-engineered ones.

Then in 1997, when the first of these trails first became quite an obvious phenomenon in the sky,  In the 21st century, these changes in the cloud formation patterns, some through artificial means, have transformed the stratosphere so dramatically that studies of the evolution of Chemtrails Chem-bombs have began in earnest. The following will be an analysis of this transformation.


Chemtrails began their artificial career in the skies between 1997 and 1998 in an inexplicable fashion because they were indistinguishable from the cirrus clouds that they sought to supplement. They consisted of jets of aerosol toxic agents that would leave feathery traces like the ones a jet plane leaves in its wake. Experts began to warn that they could change the climatic patterns of the world, cause tsunamis and sometimes  natural disasters. Since 2005, however, these phenomena have transmuted into new shapeless versions that constitute the next stage of the evolution of Chemtrails Chem-bombs in recent times.

These look like the final chapter in the transmutation of the existing chemical trails into fresh, compact, wispy shapes that almost look like real nebulous formations. Here is how the worldwide organization that is secretly producing them does its work, followed by an apologia on why it does so:


Firstly, these exploding substances attach to a water vessel in particular parts of the world from where the perpetrators shoot them to the stratosphere. They contain aerosol compounds that have toxic qualities but which can create a make-believe environment.

NOW also makes these changes from the landmass, which might explain why it is possible to espy the wispy cloud-like shapes right overhead especially for residents of the Western Hemisphere where this activity persists.

Explanatory on These Explosions
Some evidence on the evolution of Chemtrails Chem-bombs lies in the possible reasons for their use. One of these, according to analysts, is to modify the planet’s climate, and purportedly stop bush fires. The latter is through the alteration of the chemical balance in the stratosphere to cause the climate during summer to be mild and thus prevent such fires common to the West Coast of the United States and the Australian deserts. Still, skeptics are indicating that the spraying of toxic materials into the intermediate layers of the atmosphere may alter the climate for the worse or have an effect on people.

This is a Real video about chem-bombs from: Cloudwatcher Germany

In short, the evolution of Chemtrails Chem-bombs has been going on behind-the-scenes in the last couple of years although their origin dates back to the early 1970s. Now, methods ranging from firing the aerosols from vessels to distributing them in the sky using aircraft have gained vogue. There are also reports that in 2002, some pro-government agencies began work on an instrument that could reverse this artificial change. This gadget works on the antagonistic polarities of aerosols to destroy the chemicals. However, the latter practice has not gained ground and is yet to enjoy mainstream use by the authorities.

Credits for this Video At  this link:

written by: Lauren

ChemtrailsThe Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology

chemtrails the dark agenda of synthetic biologyCHEMTRAILS: THE DARK AGENDA OF SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY

The world around us is changing and this changes is visible in the skies, water, and trees. What we don’t realize is that this changes signifies the death of natural life as we know it since ages.
However, the real questions is, are we affected by this change? and to what extent? The answer to the first question is, yes. For the answer of second question, keep reading.
The Secret Dark Agenda of SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY


The blue skies are no-longer blue as it used to be in the past. The main reason for this are the chemtrails that are formed, which look like clouds in color, but in every other way they are different. Usually there are five types of materials that are found in environment samples from air, water, and soil. These five materials are: Metallic Salts, Fibers/Filaments, barium & aluminum The samples of air prove that the metallic particles have increases their presence and this has affected the neutrality of air, thus making it conductive.

This change is visible in the soil and water on the ground, as these metal oxides are falling with rain on the surface of earth. The concentration of various metals have reached thousand times higher than the acceptable limits in various natural environments. This is effecting the trees, as their immunity against outside infections is decreasing. It’s killing the nature, as we know it.

Genetically Modified Trees

The solution offered by the science for this problem is, genetically modified trees. These trees are non-reproductive, is not effected by birds, animals, or insects, has low wood fiber, doesn’t blossom, produces more pulp, and is easy to cut.

If you prefer to see the video just press the =>play


The samples from air show that existence of fibers that are unidentifiable. These samples are not part of the nature and have no record in any databases of any laboratory. There are many people who are experience “Morgellons Syndrome.” In this condition, patients develops lesions on their skin that ooze and produce fibers. The samples of tissue taken from ordinary people, who have no signs of this syndrome, confirm the existence and growth of these fibers in them.

The biological life is divided in to three kingdoms: Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukarya. These fibers look like bacteria, have strength of archaea, and are self-replicating. This combination is never found in natural world. Therefore, it’s man-made. This could be the start of trans-biology in us, as we now have all the forms of biological elements inside our body.

Nano Technology

The answer to the mystery of these unidentifiable fibers lies in the understanding of Nano technology. Because the careful study of these fibers have shown the presence of red blood cells in them of the size of a sub-micron. The nanotechnology pyramid has the following structure: Materials, Structures, Processes, and Devices. Therefore, there is a huge possibility that these fibers are Nano technology materials, which have been induced in our body structure, which would eventually become part of a process to make us work like a device.

There are tests that prove these fibers grow much faster when subjected to blue light wavelength. We are always under the influence of much higher levels of frequencies.


People like Ray Kurzweil are predicting that Nano technology would help in creating superhuman of the future. Is there a link? If yes, at what price? The general perception is that it ends up at two things, power and control. This would allow more people to have more power, but they would lose control over their lives. So, synthetic biology surely has a dark agenda of controlling the human race of the future.

written by: heminjie2

Edward Snowden & The Chemtrails Revelations

Edward Snowden & The Chemtrails Revelations  Edward Snowden & The Chemtrails Revelations

How he Came About The Intelligence. Edward Snowden had a long tenure with both the NSA and the CIA,and is an accomplished hacker.

These prominent American agencies are tasked with handling very sensitive information on issues that not only affect the U.S., but also the rest of the world. During this time, he had unrestricted access to the top secret areas of the cloud that makes up the internet, not to mention numerous classified files.

Snowden started leaking some of the intelligence contained in these files, to the Guardian, on May 2013.

According to Edward Snowden, the U.S. Government and the jet – fuel companies have liaised to introduce a program that would see the modification of the global weather in favor of the agriculture. This will be effected through the distribution of chemical trails in the atmosphere, by jets as they ply their flight routes.

The system works in a manner that sees to it that a benevolent effort to counter the change of climate is applied passively in the air.

The chemical trails, or chemtrails, are mainly fluoride based and some have trace cancer – causing elements. The areas over which the chemicals are sprayed are supposedly lightly populated. Consequentially, weather patterns are influenced by the sustained chemical concentration and chain reactions in the upper layers of the atmosphere. This paints a bleak picture for some adversely affected regions. For instance, the Sub – Saharan desertification may be accelerated by these actions. Some Eastern coasts may also begin witnessing violent storms.

In addition, the carcinogens contained in the chemtrails may start affecting the light populations over which they were spread. This means more cancer incidences for these people.

The Edward Snowden & the chemtrails revelations give some damning evidence against some notable corporations. One of these is Monsanto, whose influence and aided the government using a a secret Geo-engineering laboratory christened Muad’Dib. Another such organization, or rather a government project, is the assortment of the Alaska based laboratories which have been performing cutting edge research that is aimed at implementing the directives that against those who are Opposed to the system.

geoengineering-chemtrailThe credibility of this information has faced intense scrutiny and criticism. Indeed currently, Snowden is on the run from and facing espionage charges from the U.S. Government. Numerous noble authorities have stepped forward and faulted his statements and the leaks in general. Perhaps the most apprehensive and frightfully anti -human dignity fact is the element of truth that comes with the revelations.

written by: Puritie √ User name

Conspiracy Theories with Jesse Ventura

Conspiracy Theories with Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theories with Jesse Ventura!

Jesse Ventura is hosting a popular American television series, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura

and aired on tru TV (a US cable channel formerly known as Court TV ). In December 2, 2009,it was premiered first and is produced by A. Smith & Co. Productions. A second season was premiered on 15 th October, 2010.

A group of investigator consisting reporter June, skeptic Alex Piper, investigator Michael Braveman teamed up with Former Navy UDT, wrestler professional, actor, and Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura.

They examined various allegations conspiracy involving numerous controversial subject e.g. Global warming, The 9 / 11 attacks ( World Trade center attack ), Secret societies, secret weapons projects, and government surveillance.•

Alex Piper is replaced by investigator Daniel Kucan in a few episodes of 2nd session. During ongoing 2nd session episode “Police state ” U.S. Representative Steve Cohen from Tennessee was interviewed, and he called for the removal of this program from truTV’s Lineup.

He not only commented the program as ” Dangerous and Irresponsible ” but also ” The episode is outrageous distortion and an outright lies “. The episode ” Police State ” uncovered that various prison like facilities built around the country that would be used during Martial law for the internment of those citizens who deemed a threat to national security.

Officials stated the sudden facilities emergency FEMA camps for the civilians’ housing shown by Hurricanes or other natural disasters. Cohen, most of Memphis under whose district, formed legislation aimed to create non permanent FEMA camps aimed at housing people who had bad affected by some earthquake that might occur in the area.

One another allegation that aimed around private facility outside Georgia, was the stockpiling of thousands of plastic ( non – biodegradable ) bins alleged to be used for mass burials. Company running its Vantage Products that are the largest manufacturer of grave liners, and they especially facilitate with their storage site in the Country. Misty Skedgell, a Turner spokesperson, respond Conspiracy Theory as an ” public entertainment program that appears on entertainment network, nothing more.”

In review of regular episode aired in season one ( 2009 – 10), can be concluded as follows ::

Episode 1. ” HAARP “ ( org. airdate December 2, 2009 ) := Jesse Ventura visited the HAARP ( Full form : the High – Frequency Active Auroral Research Program ) in Gakona, Alaska to uncover the truth to public as rumors that it is being used as a weather changing weapon, an instrument for controlling mind, or both.

Episode 2. ” 9/11 ” ( org. airdate December 9, 2009 ) := Ventura looks over the rumors of a possible black box recordings cover up from the airplanes involved in the 11 th September attack which might contain some evidence that 9 / 11 may be an inside formal job.

Episode 3. ” Global Warming “ ( org. airdate December 16, 2009 ) := Ventura investigate with some response of the purported evidence that human made global warming is an elitist scam, and the money interference leads Ventura to the door step of an elusive billionaire and a former UN adviser living in Shanghai.

Episode 4. ” Big Brother “ ( org. airdate December 23, 2009 ) := Ventura investigated into the theories regarding how far the U.S. Government has gone, in the name of national security, to follow its citizens including contracting non government companies to spy on general people and paying some special incentives to InfraGard members who do report suspicious activities.

Episode 5. ” Secret Societies “ ( org. airdate December 30, 2009 ) := Ventura uncovered the Bilderberg Group who gather in luxury hotel, under heavy securities, and plans the strategies for world domination very secretively.

Episode 6. ” Manchurian Candidate “ ( org. airdate January 6, 2010 ) := Ventura looked over the rumors that the CIA has programmed to turn selected general citizens into programmed assassins, and meets those man who claims to be a Manchurian Candidate in real life.


Robert Lloyd, The Los Angeles Times wrote on review, “Whatever truth is revealed there, it is filtered through what is stacked more as an adventure tv series than a documentary.”

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Is There A Chemtrails Agenda?


chemtrails.agenda Is There A Chemtrails Agenda?                                            

Initially, the angular patterns called chemtrails imprinted into the sky by various aircraft were thought to be trails of condensation that are formed from ice crystals making thinned vapor.

Upon closer inspection, the idea had to be rejected. Natural trails of condensation vanish almost as quickly as they appear. In contrast, chemtrails spread out over the clouds and remain in the sky for long periods.

Observing this, many people have grown fairly certain there is a chemtrails agenda at play.

Various Theories About The Chemtrails Agenda:

Opinions vary on the underlying reasoning for the systematic spraying of the sky with chemical agents. Some believe it’s associated with military efforts employing HAARP technology. HAARP technology is thought to have a direct hand in the creation of weather changes, including major earthquakes and tsunamis, that may be terra-forming the planet and aiding depopulation efforts (which likely precede land seizure). The general thought along this line is that the chemtrails agenda creates optimal conditions for the use of HAARP efforts.

Some factions believe claims that the chemtrails agenda is attempting to fill the air with particulates of aluminum oxide to create a “Sunscreen” affect. It’s been said the government is attempting to avert global warming by reflecting the light of the sun back upon itself to a small degree. Government studies liken it to cloud making to slow global warming. This pollution doesn’t end in the sky. Iron has been poured into the sea as well to condition plankton to consume carbon dioxide as well, ultimately killing sea life.

Despite these studies which would suggest the government is seeking solutions, however wayward, the demands of people who are aware of the chemicals being sprayed at high altitudes have gone largely refused. The Canadian House of Commons has gone as far as outright denying the existence of them, claiming that there is no scientific proof. The emergence of counter-conspiracy sites that seem aimed to pacify the populace inspires one to think there is indeed a cover-up.

chemtrails agenda-aurora-boreal

A popular theory amongst people believing there’s an agenda is supported by the emergence of unexplained lung ailments. The victims and parents of victims believe the chemical sprays are being employed to test the effects of diseases and illnesses on targeted populaces.

Air sprayed with chemtrails has been tested and the results reveal the presence of viruses, bacteria, blood (human), aluminum, fungi, and barium. The chemicals in these sprays are listed on OSHA’s list of hazards. Whatever the purpose, the chemtrails being sprayed are causing people to become ill. Crop failure has also been associated with the aerial poisons.

InChemtrails Over America,” William Thomas advises diseases that were once considered rare have emerged in cluster formations in areas that are beset with the chemtrails agenda. These include Transverse Myelitis and Streptococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome. Thomas refers to the samples collected from chemtrails as “cobwebs and goo” that host disease-producing pathogens.

Any of these theories may be aspects of an operation that includes all of the purposes named for a chemtrails agenda, but demands for disclosure have not yet been successful in producing concrete answers. If communities who have air space impacted by these dangerous pollutants aren’t joined by more voices and overall intent to bring the sky pollution to a stop, we may face some very scary consequences in the form of a highly mutated world moving forward.

Chemtrails What Really Does Go On In the Skies?


Chemtrails what really does go on in the skies 

Chemtrails – What Really Does Go On In the Skies?

Have you ever considered whether the apparently innocent white trails left behind by aircraft could be something more sinister than simple water vapor?

In 1996 an anonymous writer accused the US government of spraying the US population with mysterious substances from aircraft which left behind unusual contrails. Normally, vapor trails left by aircraft dissipate quite quickly, yet as many people had noted, these new “chemtrails” as they began to be known, often lingered in the skies and displayed unusual patterns. This led to various theories as to what exactly was being sprayed into the atmosphere and for what purpose.

Chemtrails What Really Does Go On In the Skies2

Many theories exist as to the purpose of chemtrails. Some people believe they are used for “weather control” in association with High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). HAARP’s official purpose is to investigate the potential for using the ionosphere to improve telecommunication and surveillance technology, although many people believe HAARP is used for weather modification.

Various natural disasters have been attributed to HAARP including earthquakes, tornadoes and floods. Exactly how chemtrails and HAARP are linked is open to debate, although conspiracy theorists believe that chemtrails are used to modify HAARP signals.

A second common theory is that chemtrails are part of a mass depopulation plan by either the US government or The New World Order. Toxic chemicals sprayed from the skies in an Orwellian attempt to reduce the world’s population however seem just a little too farfetched for many theorists. The mass depopulation theory has many flaws & dash; if chemtrails were for the purpose of reducing populations then they would more likely to be seen in heavily populated countries such as India, China or Africa rather than the United States and Europe. Would the perpetrators really sanction such as mass population control exercise putting their own families and colleagues at risk. It seems quite unlikely.

The use of chemtrails for genetic modification and inoculation is another possible theory. The effects that low level chemtrail spraying has on the population: headaches, flu like symptoms, dizziness, muscle pain, malaise are not unlike those experienced after inoculation. Genetically modifying humans to become stronger and more resistant to disease would have massive economic benefit to any government.

The exact chemical composition of the substances being sprayed is unknown, although several organic components have been identified. These include Mycoplasma Fermetens Incognitus which was the same substance identified in nearly 50% of veterans suffering from Gulf War syndrome. In addition red and white blood cells in a freeze dried form were identified in a sample submitted to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Several strains of Pseudomonas bacteria have also been isolated from chemtrail residue. These findings would be in line with some sort of mass inoculation or vaccination program. So, next time you are outside on a bright clear day, take a good look at those trails in the sky. If they take more than 3 hours to dissipate, appear in grids or x pattern and fall off in vertical curtains, the chances are they may not be so innocent after all.

written by: newmedia